the anti-odour cinnnamon

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What is

Cinesteam® ?

Cinesteam® is an innovative medical device for the management of malodorous wounds. It is a spice-containing anti-odour dressing : it contains cinnamon which has the property of adsorbing bad odours and releasing pleasant smells.




Why Cinesteam® ?

« Of all wound symptoms, odour is cited by patients and carers as the most distressing, causing social isolation, depression and revulsion » (Gethin, 2014). 

Isabelle Fromantin, nurse and researcher, in charge of the wound healing unit at the Institut Curie, Paris, explains the story of the Cinesteam® dressing.


How does it work?

Cinesteam® provides effective management of malodorous wounds by:

- Effective management of odours
- Absorption of excess exudates

A dual effect: it contains the odour and releases pleasant smells


An innovation to improve patient quality of life

Cinesteam® was developed to:
- Help patients regain self-esteem
- Alleviate caregivers and relatives from the burden of strong malodours

Sebastian Probst, Professor in Wound Care at the Geneva School of Health Sciences, highlights the impact of malodorous wounds on patients, relatives and caregivers.

Gethin G, Grocott P, Probst S, Clarke E. Current practice in the management of wound odor: an international survey. Int J Nurs Stud. 2014; 51(6):865-874.

Absorption of exudates
Eliminate unpleasant odors
Release pleasant smells