An effective secondary dressing
for malodorous wounds

Cinesteam® is a non-adhesive secondary dressing designed to eliminate unpleasant odours and absorb exudates. 

It consists of an absorbent layer together with a sachet containing cinnamon. 

Cinnamon adsorbs unpleasant-smelling volatile compounds emanating from the wound and masks residual odours with the spice natural fragrance. Cinesteam® components allow the passage of air and moisture to prevent maceration. 

The cinnamon powder used in the Cinesteam® dressing was selected from several varieties for its specific olfactory & adsorption properties after multiple sensory perception tests and chemical analysis.
Indications :
Cinesteam® is a secondary dressing indicated for the management of malodorous wounds (e.g. malignant wounds, infected bedsores and leg ulcers).

Cinesteam® should not be used on patients with known sensitivity to any of its components, in particular cinnamon.
Instructions for use: Cinesteam® should be applied on top of an appropriate primary dressing (it is not intended to be in direct contact with the wound). The absorbent layer (white surface) should be applied facing the wound, over the primary dressing. Application 1.   Select the size of Cinesteam® that covers the primary dressing. If necessary, more than one dressing may be used. 2.   Remove Cinesteam® from its primary packaging and apply it directly onto the primary dressing. 3.   Keep Cinesteam® in place with any suitable medical material. How long can Cinesteam be left in place? Cinesteam® can be left in place as long as its absorption and odour masking capacities are satisfactory (1 to 7 days). Frequency of change should be dependent on the level of exudate. To remove Cinesteam®, gently peel it off. Warnings: -   Do not use Cinesteam as a primary dressing -   Do not cut Cinesteam® because this could cause cinnamon leakage. -   Cinesteam® should not be used if its primary packaging is open or damaged or if the dressing itself is torn. -   Do not use Cinesteam® together with an active charcoal dressing, which may impair its odour masking ability. -   Do not cover Cinesteam® with occlusive adhesive material or an occlusive dressing. -   Do not eat the cinnamon of Cinesteam®. -   Do not bathe or shower when wearing Cinesteam®. Do not immerse Cinesteam® in water. -   Keep out of the reach of children. -   Report any serious incidents which may occur in connection with Cinesteam® to Cemag Care and to the healthcare competent authority of your country.
Cinesteam® exists in the following sizes:
-  11 x 19 cm 

Storage and specific instructions: 
-  Ship and store flat
-  Keep away from sunlight
-  Keep dry
-  Do not re-use
-  Do not cut the dressing
-  Apply the white face towards the wound over the primary dressing
-  Effective odour control
-  Absorption of exudates from the primary dressing
-  Improvement of quality of life (patients, relatives & caregivers)
-  Patented & developed in collaboration with wound care experts



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Charlotte Pinot

Directrice, Kozela

Cinesteam® is a secondary anti-odour absorbent dressing manufactured by CEMAG Care.
Cinesteam® is intended for the management of malodorous wounds.
This medical device (class I) is a regulated healthcare product, which, pursuant to this regulation bears the CE marking. 
Read the leaflet carefully before use.
ML-CIN-FR-1019 created 10/2019

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