Cinesteam® is a spice-based anti-odour dressing : it contains cinnamon which has the property of adsorbing bad odours and releasing pleasant smells.
Cinesteam® is a non-adhesive secondary dressing designed to eliminate unpleasant odours and to absorb exudates when the primary dressing is saturated.
Odour results from the emission of organic volatile compounds detected by the sense of smell. To become an odour, the odorous compounds have to be captured by the olfactory system and are then transformed into a signal that can be detected by the brain.
Cinesteam® is a secondary dressing indicated for the management of malodorous wounds (e.g. cancer wounds, infected bedsores and leg ulcers.)
Cinesteam® can be kept in place using a retaining bandage or a nonocclusive adhesive to obtain optimal fixation.
Cinesteam® can be left in place for as long as its absorption and odour masking capacities are satisfactory (1 to 7 days). Frequency of change should be dependent on the level of exudate. To remove Cinesteam®, gently peel it off.
It is necessary to use a suitable primary dressing for this kind of wound. Cinesteam® can then be used as an anti-odour solution such as a secondary dressing to alleviate bad smells.


Cinesteam® should not be cut as this would cause cinnamon leakage.
Cinesteam® is not waterproof.
Cinesteam® is not a primary dressing and was not designed to be placed directly on the wound.
Cinesteam® has to be used with a primary dressing in contact with the wound.
The box of Cinesteam® dressings must be stored flat and kept away from sunlight.
No, Cinesteam® cannot be reused.
No, do not use Cinesteam® if you are allergic to this spice.
Yes, Cinesteam® was designed using flexible materials to allow easy application. It can be used during sleep.
The cinnamon powder used in the Cinesteam® dressing was selected from several varieties for its specific olfactory properties after multiple sensory perception tests and chemical analysis.
Yes, Cinesteam® is a certified class I medical device that meets European requirements.
Yes. Cinesteam® is patented (WO 2018/020141)
Cinesteam® should not be used if its individual packaging is open or damaged or if the dressing itself is torn. Please, contact us if you notice any product quality defects at or + 33 (0) 1 58 28 16 83.
If you suffer an adverse effect when using Cinesteam®, please contact us at or by phone +33 (0) 1 58 28 16 83.

Reporting suspected adverse reactions is important. It allows continued monitoring of the benefit/risk balance of the medical device. Any suspected adverse reactions can be reported to the competent authority of your country.